This is where I leave you.

This message is for you. I’ve seen your comments. I’ve read your messages. I’ve made mistakes. I’m sorry for the way my mistakes have hurt you.

I’m sorry to the 5 people who wrote the letter. That I hurt you, that I didn’t understand, that you are still in pain. I hope you will find comfort.

I’m sorry to the people who supported this project with their time and energy. That it will not go forward as we hoped. I hope you will find new things to love and love from what you do have.

I’m sorry even to my last project, for my part in the breakdown of what was. I hope you find continued success.

There are so many times in these situations where sorry does not feel like enough. And this is one of them. But I want so much for this situation to deescalate, and I’m sorry for my part in escalating it any further. I’ve processed all your refunds. I’m closing up my shop. And I’m stepping away from the community now.

In emergent strategy @adriennemareebrown says, “I want us to do better. I want to feel like we are responsible for each other‘s transformation. Not the transformation from vibrant flawed humans to bits of ash, but rather the transformation from broken people and communities to whole ones.”

And I hope that for each one of you, for each one of us. 

[Photo. Purple hydrangea flowers and green leaves are growing up the side of a building. End.]

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