Quote: I believe one can never leave home.

When I read this quote last week: “To those who have given up on love, I say trust life a little.” — Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter⠀

….I had just posted about love. So I went to find it. ⠀

But what I found was another quote from the same book. It’s the one below:

“Thomas Wolfe warned in the title of America’s great novel that ‘You Can’t Go Home Again.’ I enjoyed the book but I never agreed with the title. ⠀

“I believe that one can never leave home. I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and dragons of home under one’s skin, at the extreme corners of one’s eyes and possibly in the gristle of the earlobe.⠀

[…] “I believe we feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place we really do.”⠀

—Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter⠀

It sums up the moment for me. Where I am. Where I’m headed. And where I’m taking this project next. ⠀

Going backwards to go forwards. Always. And Onward! ⠀

[Photo. The second and third paragraphs of the quote by Maya Angelou listed above. The rectangle is light blue. The text is black. There is a small m1L in royal blue in the bottom right hand corner. End.]

Link: Bill Moyers in convo with Maya Angelou

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