UK elections are horrifying but not surprising.


I don’t have many words this morning. The UK election results have horrified but not surprised me. So I’m baking bread, huddling down in my sweatshirt, planning to knit, and just be. ⠀

I’m offering you these words on grief and community from Megan Devine @refugeingrief because the quote includes pain and courage and community and knitting and light. And it seems we could all use a little of those things now. ⠀


“Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried. Grief like yours, love like yours, can only be carried.⠀

Survival in grief, even eventually building a new life alongside grief, comes with the willingness to bear witness, both to yourself and to the others who find themselves inside this life they didn’t see coming. Together, we create real hope for ourselves, and for one another. We need each other to survive.⠀

I wish this for you: to find the people you belong with, the ones who will see your pain, companion you, hold you close, even as the heavy lifting of grief is yours alone. As hard as they may seem to find at times, your community is out there. Look for them. Collect them. Knit them into a vast flotilla of light that can hold you.”⠀

from Megan Devine’s It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand⠀

Wherever you are, whatever grief you are carrying, I see you. I’m here with you. Even as I carry my own. ⠀

Until next time. ⠀

[Photo. by @kbredbeck The edge of my unblocked shawl Grief Unbound. The green garter stitches stand out against the speckled grey lace edge. A wooden needle is visible in the photo. End.]

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