Editing & Testing are quiet, intense work.

We’ve started to move into the editing & testing phase for @make1Left issue 1. And this is quiet intense work. ⠀

If you’ve never participated in collaborative editing from a creator perspective, it can be a little daunting. But my experience is that the process and the results are worth it.⠀

The primary element necessary to this kind of collaboration? The willingness to try, test, iterate, try again, try again, try again. ⠀

With this project, each element of our core values starts with the willingness to try, and try again, and try again. ⠀

When I was asked a couple posts ago to outline how we create Access/Accessibility — I responded that the answer is somewhat simple but it’s also complex. Why?⠀

Here’s the simple answer: ask disabled people. Build with, work with, and ask more disabled people. This is what we are starting with.⠀

But why is that complex? Because disabled people have different answers, different needs, and prioritizing it can be difficult because of the different ways in which our team’s disabilities cross over. ⠀

Sometimes asking more people means less answers, and sometimes we’ve found, we don’t have enough. ⠀

And because we want to build something as accessible as possible, we’ll keep trying to find a balance between too much and not enough. And we’ll keep trying. And try again and try again. ⠀

We’re finally starting to get to the point where we have something for you to test. ⠀

If you’ve already got a spot as a pattern tester: 3 patterns are out! I’m expecting most of the patterns to be out for testers by this weekend. We appreciate your patience with us! ⠀

We still have some testing spots open! Some sizes filled quickly, and others are still needed. We’d love for you to check it out and test with us. ⠀

Now I’m headed back to documents and secret knitting or maybe sleep. Until next time…⠀ ⠀
[Photo. by @malia.mayed.it In process picture of dyeing — Clear glass jars are filled with different colors and connected yarn is soaking in each one. There are six different colors. End.]

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