What’s now?

Note: This post contains some foreshadowing goodness which you will look back on later and realize. 💌⠀

Here are some notes to start (or end) your Monday and give you updates on our project.⠀

💌⠀We have started opening our tester applications on @yarnpond. ⁠⠀
If you’re part of our test pool, you get an alert overnight. If not, head over to yarnpond (link in bio) and join our test pool to see the tests and apply. ⁠⁠⠀

💌⠀Our original plan was to publish Issue 1 in February, but as I mentioned last time, putting people before the timeline means pushing the timeline likely to a March publication instead.⁠⁠

This is not only because of life events but because….⠀

💌⠀We evaluate all our patterns and processes in terms of our ethos —Accessible, Cooperative, Experimental, and Sustainable.⠀

And this can really just sound like talk until you start doing it and showing folks. ⠀
During the pre-editing phase, we discovered some limits to the Accessibility of a couple of our patterns. ⠀
To acknowledge this at this point in the process took a great deal of courage from both the designers and the editors involved. ⁠⠀
It’s one thing to say, well, we’re working on this Experimental Project, but it’s another thing to acknowledge that at this point, this particularly part of the Experiment has failed. (Not the f-word!) And we needed to try something else.⁠⠀
But we did just that. And we came up with solutions together that we think will make our collection even better.⁠⠀
And we came up with processes for the future which may (or may not) help prevent this type of late change in the future. ⠀

Which of course, this makes our project more Sustainable.⁠⠀
⁠And that’s the final (for now) note:⠀

💌⠀We have some more experimental ideas coming up that we’re both excited about and yes nervous they’ll fail. (Not the f-word again!) ⠀

But we’re going to try them anyway. ⠀

We hope you’ll join us!⠀

[Photo. by @kbredbeck My grey backpack with my minuk bag with my green WIP in it. End.]

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