Shifting the timeline.


“There is no chance that we will fall apart⠀
There is no chance⠀
There are no parts.”

— June M. Jordan, “Poem Number Two on Bell’s Theorem, or The New Physicality of Long Distance Love”⠀

(June Jordan reads this poem here:


There is nothing like a life and death situation to make everything important come into focus and the rest to fall away. ⠀

This weekend I had a series of very serious allergic reactions that caused me to lose time. ⠀

At the same time, other members of our team have had equally serious life events to deal with. ⠀

If you’ve been waiting to hear from us and haven’t, this could be why. ⠀

At the beginning of the project I announced to our team that our project was people-focused. This means we have a timeline not a deadline. And if people have needs, the timeline shifts for them. ⠀

And here I want to lean into that. ⠀

Putting our bodies’ needs at the center of all our processes and decision making, doesn’t just break down the white supremacist-capitalist-cis-heteronormative patriarchy, it builds a world we want to live in. ⠀

This kind of experimentation means trusting that all things will come together as they need to. That we don’t need to put arbitrary weight on ourselves to force creative work. ⠀

So, we are making some necessary shifts in our timeline. And with these shifts here’s some of what you can expect:⠀

Some parts of our project have jumped farther ahead and others had to be restarted and tried again. ⠀

We’ve brought in some new people, and we’re looking for a few more. ⠀

(If you’ve already signed up via our collab form thank you. And if not, see our collab form link in our bio.)⠀

If you were part of our project but haven’t been in touch, please do, even just to say, this isn’t the right time. ⠀

We have a few new things to share but that will have to wait. ⠀

It’ll all happen….in it’s own time. ⠀

Yeah I’m thinking of Mary Oliver again here too. ⠀

Until next time….⠀


[Photo. by @kbredbeck A drain pipe on the school playground that looks like a face. There are yellow green and brown fall leaves surrounding it. End.]

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