Community-Supported Copies available.

This post is to remind you that we have Community Supported Copies of @make1Left available.⁠ They are sent when available.

This post is to remind you that we have Community Supported Copies of @make1Left available.⁠⠀

⁠ 🌿🌿🌿⠀

Thank you to those of you who requested and sponsored community-supported copies of issue 1! ⠀

This morning we had the same number of requests as we had funds available, so we decided there was no need to wait and sent them out! ⠀

Moving forward we’ll continue to send requests as funds become available. ⠀

🌿 🌿🌿⠀

What is a Community-Supported Copy? ⁠⠀
These copies are for folks for whom our price is not accessible. ⁠⠀
To get a community-supported copy, fill in our Request Form: ⁠⠀
The form asks for your Ravelry ID and the issue of m1L you want. (Right now there’s only issue 1.) This information is private and will ONLY be used to gift the copy on Ravelry. ⁠⠀
NOTE: The only person who determines whether you need access to a community-supported copy is YOU. It is not necessary, requested, required, or desirable to message us to explain why or if you need assistance. ⁠⠀
If your circumstances change, you can always make a donation to the kofi fund yourself. ⁠⠀

To support a copy, go to:⁠⠀
Donations in any amount made to our ko-fi account will go towards community-supported copies of Issue 1. ⁠⠀

⁠The links are in our linktree as well as on our website. ⠀

Thank you for your interest and support!⠀


[Photo. Text on a light background: ⁠⠀
m1L. A Community-Supported Copy. ⁠⠀
Request a copy: ⁠⠀
Support a copy: End.]

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