Pricing in a way that matches our values


Determining pricing for @make1left is not only an exercise in market research. It also includes examining how we can experiment with price and work cooperatively to increase access and equity and how to make it sustainable for everyone involved. ⠀

So here’s what we’re starting with:⠀

1: A Community-Supported Copy Fund. Donations in any amount made to our ko-fi account will go towards community-supported copies of Issue 1. ⠀

2: Community-Supported Copy. These copies are for folks for whom our price is not accessible.⠀

To get a community-supported copy, fill in our Request Form. The form asks for your Ravelry ID and the issue of m1L you want. (Right now there’s only issue 1.) This information is private and will ONLY be used to gift the copy on Ravelry. ⠀

NOTE: The only person who determines whether you need access to a community-supported copy is YOU. It is not necessary, requested, required, or desirable to message us to explain why or if you need assistance. ⠀

If your circumstances change, you can always make a donation to the kofi fund yourself. ⠀

In order to make sure the fund is equitable and sustainable, if there are more requests than funds, recipients will be chosen at random. If there are more funds than requests, the funds will be held for future requests. ⠀

And finally, 3: The Zine will be put up for preorder with Pay What Works pricing (h/t @arohaknits) at €12, €15, and €18.⠀

The zine will publish in February 2020.⠀

We’ve considered quite a few options in terms of funding, and ultimately we decided to use pre-ordering as a kind of crowdfunding. This lets us know your interest. It gives us time to build. And it provides the added benefit of getting your download immediately when it publishes on Ravelry.⠀

Preorder will open before the end of September, but the ko-fi fund and request form are open now. ⠀

We appreciate your interest and support in our project. (Yes, please share.)⠀

[Photo 1. Katie’s hand holding her silver and blue house keys over her blue skirt. End.]⠀

[Photo 2. Brown square with beige text: “m1L. Accessible, cooperative, experimental, and sustainable includes pricing.” End.]⠀

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