make1Left: The How


So here’s the how! As it says at the bottom—This is not a definitive list.⠀

Accessible: From the inside out, every part of @make1Left will work to be accessible. For those reading/using it and those making it. Some points of access needed are: visual and neurological disabilities, financial, difficulty of designs, pattern sizing/adjustability, and participation. Which leads to….⠀

Cooperative: Each Issue will be built cooperatively. This means themes, designs, yarn, articles, photography, editing, etc will all be done through some kind of cooperative work process. There are so many people who already want to participate, that I really hope it will work, and if not….⠀

Experimental: We’re going to try some things that aren’t being done in publishing. If they work, great! And if they don’t, we won’t do that again. And we’ll try something else. Because most of all the project needs to be….⠀

Sustainable. Not just in terms of the environmental impact (which we will be considering in determining whether we will print in addition to digital—already has a high environmental impact) but also in terms of all of our time, energy, and money. ⠀

In short, the magazine’s how has to align with the magazine’s why.⠀

Thank you so much for all the offers to collaborate. The form will stay open. And we’ve had so many offers, it made it somewhat obvious how to choose the first theme/stitch for the inaugural issue of @make1Left. ⠀

[Photo. Yellow square with colored text: How | m1L | Accessible Cooperative Experimental Sustainable. Bottom right corner in a small box “This is not a definitive list.” End.]

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