What make1Left is about?


Thank you so much for your kind words, shares, follows, and enthusiasm for this project. ⠀

So what is this zine about anyway? ⠀

As you may have guessed from the name, @make1Left is a knitting / making + left-leaning politics magazine. ⠀

It’s about making (art) not only as a reaction to and relief from injustice, but as a way to create justice, equity, pleasure, and joy. ⠀

Over the next few posts I’ll be explaining how this zine will be set up cooperatively and invite you to get involved. ⠀

In the meantime, you can follow along on IGTwitterFBSpotify, and Ko-fi. And as always I welcome your DMs and emails about ideas for collaboration. ⠀

Until next time. (And yes, please share.)⠀

[Photo. A photo of 9 squares. Each square features different colored background with the text “m1L” in another color. End.]

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